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The ethos of the lodges is conservation. Whilst legally there are shares owned by a group of individuals, the purpose is not to make a financial return, but to conserve and preserve the reserve with limited human impact, for the flora and fauna to thrive. The reserves are owned by a group of families with a shared interest and friendship based on the conservation project.

Jwala and Dopotta lodges are located in the Northern Tuli Game Reserve (Notugre) in Eastern Botswana. Botswana is a large country, similar in size to France, but it has a small population of some 2.3m people resulting in huge wilderness areas. Notugre is part of the vast Greater Mapungubwe Transfrontier Conservation Area (GMTCA) of nearly 6,000 km2 that straddles Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa. The GMTCA’s vision is to re-establish the traditional migratory routes of wild animals and to let flora and fauna thrive with minimal human intervention.


Jwala and Dopotta lodges are part of the Notugre Conservation area. Jwala and Dopotta Lodges include freehold land stretching to some 11,500 hectares, 28,000 acres, plus an additional area of driving rights totalling 3,500 hectares. Combined some 15,000 hectares, 37,000 acres of pristine Botswana to traverse.

Animals are free to come and go as nature intended. There are times that hundreds of elephants are on the properties, other times that they have migrated to other areas in the reserve. This is as nature intends and there are few areas in Africa where there is such a free movement of game. Other iconic species include lion, leopard, cheetah, African wild cat, civet, genet, occasional wild dog visits, hyaena and aardwolf. There are giraffe, zebra, wildebeest, eland, waterbuck, kudu, impala, steenbok, bushbuck and klipspringers and much more. In fact, the only notable iconic absences are Rhino, due to the considerable human intervention needed for their protection, and buffalo because of the history and relative dryness of the reserve. There are up to 400 different species of bird, countless insects and magnificent trees and vistas to enjoy.


Jwala & Dopotta

Each lodge has a group of shareholders, with most shareholders owning at least one share in each lodge. Jwala has 15 shareholders and Dopotta 25. It is a unique body of private individuals and families passionate about the conservation of the area, wishing to do their bit to preserve the reserve for future generations.

Jwala lodge itself comprises of a farmstead type accommodation with seven double rooms, a single room, ample living areas and outside eating and shaded areas, with a large outdoor swimming pool. It is fully staffed and relies on solar electricity for much of its power. Dopotta Lodge is a newer designer lodge with twelve “double chalets”, huge thatch covered areas for eating, reading or relaxing in and is carefully integrated into a hidden riverine area. It is powered by solar electricity and there is a pool for cooling off or relaxing by in the warmth of the day.


Whilst shares do occasionally come up for sale, owning shares should not really be seen as for “capital gain/income investment”, but more so an investment and contribution to conservation where your return is in terms of broader personal enjoyment and satisfaction.


The lodges are for the exclusive use of the owners and are fully staffed. Shareholders visit when it pleases them and the only real rule is to remind oneself that shareholders are the visitors and the guests of what nature has to offer.


From time-to-time shares do come up for sale. If you are genuinely interested, in joining this unique group of international conservationists, and wish to know more about the project or be informed should a share become available, please register your interest using the form  here.